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Woot! Day off! [28 Mar 2007|11:40am]
[ mood | silly ]

So my one class is canceled today because the prof isn't going to be there. Other than that all I have is a tutorial which is rather pointless...even next to other tutorials. So I'm just not going to go. ^_^; It sounds like a plan to me. So today I'm going to spend getting ahead of my next (and last) essay of the year. :O Me doing work early? It's crazy! It seems so weird that classes are almost over for the year. Then it's time to find a summer job (boo!). I should get working on a resume...maybe if I get it done on Thursday or Friday I'll start running around and giving them to stores.

I never have anything interesting to say on here. ^^; I guess I'll go and try to be at least somewhat productive.

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[19 Mar 2007|12:10pm]
[ mood | sore ]

Well for me today hasn't been going so well. From about 12-1 am my landlord is moving large heavy things around downstairs and being otherwise loud which made it hard to fall asleep and once they finally stop it takes me a little bit to fall asleep. So since I set my watch alarm to go off at 7 am I naturally wake up earlier than that. Just something I seem to do. I had some really messed up dreams in there somewhere. Anyways, I get ready and go downstairs to the kitchen to grab a piece of bread to eat to wake up my stomach and there's all this stuff in front of my cupboard where my non-fridge stuff is. So I attempt to move some stuff to make a path. Long story short: heavy bin in small space = me falling over, getting some cuts on the back of my fingers and hurting my finger nail (I must have hit it on something 'cause it hurts now). I'm pretty sure my knees will be bruised from that but that's not anything new, at least I'll know where they came from unlike usual. Not so fun. I ran back up to my room and washed my hands really quick and grabbed some bandages which I put on as speed-walked (that doesn't look right to me, is it even a word?) to the bus stop because I was late leaving by then. So I get to the bus stop and realize that I somehow forgot to brush my hair. At least it didn't look so bad since it's still all curly from my shower.

At least the woman who lives downstairs (I still don't really know who she is ^^;) came up when I got home and apologized for the stuff being everywhere. So now I'm not angry...just tired and sore.
My class was good this morning. Apparently my prof got to go into the basement of the Vatican to look for wampum belt for a court case in Nova Scotia. I think I might skip my one later since I'm tired and the outline (which is pretty much all the info.) is on the website.
So that's been my day.

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WOOT!!!! [02 Mar 2007|12:03am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I passed my Anthro midterm! Yey!!! (and yes this gets it's own post ^^v)

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[26 Feb 2007|04:42pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Well I've noticed that UTM is becoming very silly when it comes to tests. Apparently no one can be in the room when the prof is putting out the scantron answer sheets (as in multiple choice bubble filling sheet), they need you to fill out a sheet on where you are sitting so they "know" if you copied and they make you stay until the end of class even though the next class coming in has a different test (at least I think she said it was). Anyways they're just being...odd. Not all my classes do that. Just my one anthro. Nutters.

I also got elbowed in the top of the head as I was checking my phone was off in my bag. Not fun. I get headaches when taking tests easily enough, thank you! At least I'll know how badly I did on Wednesday. I don't know if that's good or not. ^^;
I've also decided that putting on wet boots isn't pleasant. Note to self: Look into putting waterproofing on my boots.

In other news, the Mississauga bus tickets are now about 2.5-3x bigger and we get to pay a dollar more per sheet for them and yet the individual fares haven't gone up. -_-; It's still a 45 cent difference but it's so stupid. And technically my old bus tickets are invalid now but since they're still taking them I'm going to use them until they run out...which should be a day or two but anyways.

Other than that I haven't done much. My first class was a film on the Oka Crisis and then I studied, then I read through a couple of HP Sims Stories (my_ sim_ stories but without the spaces) again to calm myself down before the test. It worked, I was calm but I don't know how I did. I don't expect it to be uber high but hopefully I'll get at least a pass. And now I'm off!

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Well if the TA can be hypothetical why can't I? [14 Feb 2007|04:08pm]
[ mood | cold ]

Well I went to my two classes at UTM today. I don't know what possessed me to do so but I did. Unfortunately. I don't think I accomplished anything but having the cold eating any energy I had for today.
The first sign that it wasn't going to end well was when I opened the door and there was about a 1/2 foot of snow up against it. To I managed to get to the street by going down the stairs by wood edge showing and sticking to the tire track of the one car that had left. Eventually I got to a sidewalk which people had cleared (yey!) and follow that down the road. Apparently the people doing it thought it particularly helpful to leave a meter and a half unclear. So trudging through that I eventually got to the bus stop which was also thankfully cleared off. Very wind, cold time waiting for the bus but it was on time so I suppose that's something. My first class was a tutorial, only 5 people there including me. So I half did work on an essay I have and half payed attention to the TA. Apparently in a theoretical situation I'm supposed to have historical examples. I don't get that personally but anyways. The tutorial pretty much just made me want to hit my head on the desk. Especially at the end when the TA said that our discussion was prolly too advanced for the class and therefore didn't really have any point to it. -.-; Then no one showed up for my next class (as in person to run it), so I left at 20 after. The bus was late but that's kind of expected I guess. At least when I got off the driver didn't make go into a snow drift and waited for me to cross in front of the bus. Unfortunately the snowbank on the other side was up to my hip. I don't know about you guys but I just can't jump that high. So I walked right next to it until I could get off onto the side street. At least the roads were plowed by then so it was easier though slipperier to get back. Well except getting up the driveway but then I was almost there so it didn't really matter.

And there ends my rant of the doom of lack of snow days. *nod nod*

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What is wrong with you UTM!!! -_-***** [14 Feb 2007|09:02am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I don't think UTM will ever close for a snow day. I mean everything else is closed, even Sheridan. You'd think they'd get the message that it's really snowing. I think it's because I go here. That's the reason there are no snow days, to spite me. *shakes fist* On the plus side, I only have one class and a tutorial today so I may just stay home. It doesn't look pleasant to stand out by the bus stop in this weather, or try to cross the road for that matter. Bah! One snow day is it too much to ask! Apparently yes.


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My brain hurts... [01 Feb 2007|02:42pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Well I just spent who knows how long trying to find some Juvenile Orion icons. I found none. *tear* I give up. Don't suppose anyone here wants to make me some? Prolly not lol ^^ I always seem to try to find lesser known stuff. It usually doesn't end well...I did find a new Fire Emblem one though. ^^;

Wow, look at the time. I have to get ready to go! >.>; *runs off*

*Edit* I found 3 new ones just now! Mild Success! Woot! I really need to get some sort of image manipulation program or something to make my own I think. ((_^;; *End Edit*

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[22 Jan 2007|12:27pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Well after spending about 15min looking for an icon I wanted to use, I can now post.

I've come to find that I've decide two things today.
Muse: Two? All before noon?
Yes, I've been productive today. Anyways, the first is the reason why I like pol. sci. It's not politics themselves I think but the ideology behind them vs. real life. It's funny. In that class I always feel like my brain's been expanded. And in a good way too. Not just painful. Um, yeah. o.o; It's like whenever you think you know what you need to know about something, they come along and tell you that what you know either has nothing to do with what you're talking about or is a watered down version of it. It's confusing but interesting.
The second thing is that there has got to be a whole lot of bunnies around here considering the tracks. Or just one really hyperactive one.
Oh! A third! Nan's cookies are awesome! XD But then again I already knew that. ^_^v

I almost got pulled into something to do with a U of T Mastercard. They were giving away stuff so I went to see what was going on and they handed me a clipboard with the Mastercard logo on it. My brain just kind of went "Oh crap! Run away!!!" I didn't actually run away mind you, I just kind of handed the thing to someone else and slunk off to sit and read. It's the free stuff. Gets you every time.

Hmm. I feel as though I'm forgetting something. But then again that's nothing new so off I go!

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[10 Jan 2007|04:40pm]
Wootness! It's snowing! Snowing big puffy flakes! Woot!

^^; I actually did have more serious stuff to write about but that comes first.

I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts about things like digging up mummies and dissecting them and whatnot. I personally find it kind of disturbing. I mean, if people did that to more recent graves people would be in fits. How much time has to pass before it's ok? I find it interesting that people get all up in arms about the sanctity of graves and then go and dig up other people's graves from long ago with no problem and stick the bodies on display in a museum. I think that just goes back to my theory: people are nuts.

Oh! You know how day and night (or sun and moon) are sometimes referred to in a gender specific way? I was wondering what you people classify them as. I've taken to referring to the sun as male and the moon as female. Why? No idea.

I know big theme change with no real point behind either. ^^; Oh well, that's me for you. ^_^v
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[08 Jan 2007|12:45pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Well I've finally decided to post. Well the holidays were great with all the family over and whatnot. Since then I haven't really been doing anything of any importance. I did finally get a new cd player. The was an adventure. We ended up going to Audio 2000, The Sony Store and Future Shop. The styles they have now are very odd to me. Like the sony ones had all the buttons on the bottom of the player and they're tiny! I ended up getting a panasonic from Audio 2000. It's pretty cool. It has so many modes that I'm terribly confused though, but then again that's not too surprising for me. It has some of those lithium batteries which are rechargeable too. I think I'm still going to use my old one for school though. That way if something happens to it I won't be too upset. It's had a pretty good run as far as cd players go and still mostly functional too.

Other than that I've mainly been watching Stargate: SG1 since I got the first five seasons for X-mas. I also got a lot of movies. ^^; It's going to take me a while to get through them all, especially since I still haven't watched all the stuff I got at AN lol.

I still think it's stupid that UTM went back on the 4th (a thursday). I ended up coming here just for a one hour class. On the plus side me and mum went to the bookstore...Pickwick? I think that's what it's called. It's amazing in there! Just stacks and stacks of books! They have new ones, second hand and really old ones. Or in my categorizing: the ones you can pick up, the ones you can pick up carefully and the ones you don't touch for fear of hurting. ^^ They have pretty good prices on the new stuff anyways...though the old stuff could have been a good price too just still really expensive. XD There was a Joan of Arc book that was pretty odd that I though was cool. Then we went to Shoppers and the bookstore over there. Got Lyssy's B-day prezzie. Which I just remembered I left sitting out in my room. So Lust if you're reading this: Don't go in my room! It's in a bag but only thin white one. *shakes fist*

I d/l internet explorer 7 last night. It hurt my brain so I killed it. ^_^ I really like this one better. Anyone else tried it?

I'm hoping that I remember to leave again on time today. I have a 9-11 class then a 3-4 class so I came home to eat in between. ^_^ I also changed one of my classes on Wednesday so they are now in a block ergo not making me go back and forth. Tuesday though I have two hours of doing nothing after Pol. Sci. before going to Sheridan. I plan to bring the book I'm rereading...and lunch. I just don't know where I'm going to camp out. And now to kill time 'til class...

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Post X-mas Party with Friends Madness [24 Dec 2006|12:37pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Well I figure I should post. I can't believe it's only a day from Christmas. I really don't know where November went but I feel like it should only be the first week of December rather than the 24th. At least I got all my presents done before the last minute. I bet the malls are crazy right now.

I had a great time both the parties this week. It's good to see people again and just talk and stuff. And thanks everyone for the awesome presents! I hope everyone liked theirs too. ^^ I've already read the Pirate book I got. I really like it, it's a story with random pirate facts. And we all know random facts make the world go round. XD

I was wrapping presents for mum this morning. Cyprus was really talkative. I think she's tired today and then got excited by me wrapping. She really enjoys presents, especially when she get to rip them open. ^^

Other than that I really have no news, but since I prolly won't be on tomorrow:

Happy X-mas everyone!!!

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It's Winter and it's wet?!?! [15 Dec 2006|03:10pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

Well I had two exams this week and that leaves one next week. Unfortunately that's my art history and since we've never had a test in that class (two take-home tests and an essay) I don't know how the prof asks questions. Well I have lots of time to study though...but of course we all know I won't be studying all the time until Wednesday, now don't we? ^^; It started raining on me today when I was waiting for the bus. It's was cold. And I think slightly frozen. Or just cold. And yes I will keep writing in sentence fragments. Fragments!!! Take that english language!

In other news, this new lj format is really messing me up. O.o;;; I don't know what it all means!!! AHHHH!

Anyways, I can't believe I still have the Final Fantasy victory theme on my play list. I got it last year for my Legolas flip book movie thing and somehow it's gotten onto my play list. Weird. I have some good news though, my fridge is no longer freezing my chocolate milk. It's important. Or it could be...

Wow, apparently writing that email to Bishi took up everything I had to say and ate it from my brain. ^^; Anywho! I'm off to play Warcraft! Woot!

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[06 Dec 2006|01:43pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Well that was a waste of half an hour. My TA didn't show up for tutorial today so I left to catch the bus. See what happens when you go to tutorials? Anyways I'm tired today since I've stayed up late to work on an essay that I handed in today. Apparently by starting the day before yesterday, I was starting earlier than lots of people in my class. lol

Okay here are the pictures of my room I said I'd post! I'm going to try and post them directly on here.

Photos this way!Collapse )

If it doesn't work they're on Photobucket so you can go look...or not. ^_^;

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It's done! [06 Dec 2006|12:51am]
[ mood | pass out tired... ]

Well it's 1am here and I just finished my essay. I officially hate essays over 1500 words. So in conclusion: Two late nights and one nose bleed later, I'm done. And that's all except for exams. Woot.

I'm going to be *so* tired tomorrow...

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Woot! Snow! [04 Dec 2006|01:37pm]
[ mood | happy ]

It was crazy snowing just a couple of minutes ago here. And before that it was snowing but the sun was out so the snow was all sparkly!

They didn't have any banana bread at the snack shop place in south building today so I got some Doritos. ("Did you know I keep at knife in here with the Doritos?" "I fear Doritos.") Erm...in other news...my first class today was freezing so that wasn't too fun. It's warm here though. And now I'm going to go so I can get started on my essay soon and finish it today too (10-12 pages of doom!!!). It's funny. I know it's due Wednesday and yet I have no motivation to do it. I think Print Making stole all of it with the last project. ^^;

Oh yeah. I have pic of the room I'm staying in so hopefully I'll get those up the next time I post.

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[01 Dec 2006|03:41pm]

Wow. I have a superpower. ^^ Now to get my h/w done for today. Then WoW....if I have time. ^_^
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[27 Nov 2006|10:18pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Well I had a fun day today. First I woke up and all morning I just wanted to go back sleep I was so tired. So naturally to make it better I feel sick all day. Anyways, to the fun part of my day. I went on an adventure to find a small container of milk. Apparently they don't sell 1% milk for some reason. I don't get it. I mean the chocolate milk is 1%...crazy. Anyways so I settled for the 2% at the Snack Stop (or whatever it's called) and got some chocolate. (I was hungry ^^;) And I mentioned to the woman working the cash register that I didn't think I could ever use one. So she invited me behind the counter and gave me a lesson in the easiness of modern cash registers. ^_^
So then I went home and have been ignoring my essay ever since. I really should work on that. -_-;;;
Other than that not much is happening with me...though I think I've been watching too much Naruto. My brain is subject to yell "Shannaro!"(I think is the spelling -_-;) now. ^^;

My internet is sucking too -_-

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[22 Nov 2006|01:28pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Well apparently my body has decided no matter how much sleep I attempt to get, I shall still be more tired the next day. -_-; I was feeling kind of sick today so I decided to skip my tutorial today and come back an hour early. Unfortunately my room didn't smell right (I think because of my print stuff) so now I'm airing out my room instead of sleeping.

I got my first layer done on my print assignment yesterday. It took over three hours. The problem is that there is only one printing press for this project and probably about 20 people in the class. Now it took over three hours with only about 7-8 people waiting for the press. I really hope it's not worse next week. At least the number of people in there depends on the table space available so there shouldn't be too many more people. It's getting a space that will be a problem.

I guess I'm going to go eat. My body apparently can substitute food for sleep when I'm tired. I don't know how but it does. Maybe the sugar. Mmmm sugar.

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"Today I'll be screaming....just like Godzilla." -My history Prof. [20 Nov 2006|01:46pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

You know I think the people who say that this winter is going to be mild are on crack. It sure wasn't mild this morning. More like freezing! And has anyone seen the squirrels? They're huge! ("Did you see the pool?") The weather around the world has been kind of crazy lately too. All angry and stuff. Now enough of my seemingly irrelevant tangent on the weather.
In other news I went with Lust to the mall on Saturday to do some X-mas shopping. I've gotten everyone but Shawn, Bishi, my dad and half of my mom's I think. And I just don't have any ideas...especially for you Bishi! XP I guess I need to take another trip through the mall and see what pops out at me.
I'm still behind in my print making class...namely because I haven't done much to catch up. ^^; So hopefully I'll get it done on time by somehow going in twice a week to print. I think I just need to get a print press 'cause that would solve all my problems. lol
I've also decided that you work better when it's sunny because you feel warm and have a quick nap since your body is all "Dude it's day, get up!" and you do and your energized. But when it's cloudy you don't feel warm but your body is like "It's night. Sleep now!" and you go "Never! It's day!" and so you don't sleep and you feel tired.
I really need to lay off the chocolate me thinks...(Muses: Blasphemy!) Anyways, that's all from me and little always it has little to no point. ^^;

It's kind of nice to go into your house in the winter and having it warm enough to fog up your glasses. ^_^

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[06 Nov 2006|02:26pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Well I figured I should post so that's what I'm doing. That's just the way I work. See. ^_^v So I'll just babble a little bit on what's going on with me. It's not much but I'm lazy so there!
I think I figured out the best part of renting a room here. They give you candy! I guess Freedom (that's the landlord's sister) has extra candy from Hallowe'en so she left a bag of it in front of my door. Lots of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and a couple of Oh Henry bars. Yey! XD In related news I'm very disappointed in my lack of icons that reference chocolate or candy in general. I thought I would have at least one! So I ended up choosing between one about being normal and not liking it and the zombie one I have up. I decided to put the normal one in my pics for later and use the zombie one because it amused me by an exponent of 5. Though from the looks of this post I should have gone with the normal one. ^^;

I've been kind of slacking on my readings. Just for this week though. I think it's because I got the first season of Stargate: SG1. The seasons are really cheap right now at HMV (34.19 total) so I got it with the B-day and dog sitting money I got from my Nan. I've watched the first two disk already. Oh! Random SG1 question, does anyone know what season SG1 meets Thor?

I got an ego boost today because I got 92.5% on my first Anthro. test. Yey for multiple choice questions that aren't confusing! And short answer questions that are one word answer replies!

Other than that, not much is new with me. I guess I should go and do some h/w for print tomorrow. Boo-erns!

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