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Well I figured I should post so that's what I'm doing. That's just the way I work. See. ^_^v So I'll just babble a little bit on what's going on with me. It's not much but I'm lazy so there!
I think I figured out the best part of renting a room here. They give you candy! I guess Freedom (that's the landlord's sister) has extra candy from Hallowe'en so she left a bag of it in front of my door. Lots of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and a couple of Oh Henry bars. Yey! XD In related news I'm very disappointed in my lack of icons that reference chocolate or candy in general. I thought I would have at least one! So I ended up choosing between one about being normal and not liking it and the zombie one I have up. I decided to put the normal one in my pics for later and use the zombie one because it amused me by an exponent of 5. Though from the looks of this post I should have gone with the normal one. ^^;

I've been kind of slacking on my readings. Just for this week though. I think it's because I got the first season of Stargate: SG1. The seasons are really cheap right now at HMV (34.19 total) so I got it with the B-day and dog sitting money I got from my Nan. I've watched the first two disk already. Oh! Random SG1 question, does anyone know what season SG1 meets Thor?

I got an ego boost today because I got 92.5% on my first Anthro. test. Yey for multiple choice questions that aren't confusing! And short answer questions that are one word answer replies!

Other than that, not much is new with me. I guess I should go and do some h/w for print tomorrow. Boo-erns!
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