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"Today I'll be screaming....just like Godzilla." -My history Prof.

You know I think the people who say that this winter is going to be mild are on crack. It sure wasn't mild this morning. More like freezing! And has anyone seen the squirrels? They're huge! ("Did you see the pool?") The weather around the world has been kind of crazy lately too. All angry and stuff. Now enough of my seemingly irrelevant tangent on the weather.
In other news I went with Lust to the mall on Saturday to do some X-mas shopping. I've gotten everyone but Shawn, Bishi, my dad and half of my mom's I think. And I just don't have any ideas...especially for you Bishi! XP I guess I need to take another trip through the mall and see what pops out at me.
I'm still behind in my print making class...namely because I haven't done much to catch up. ^^; So hopefully I'll get it done on time by somehow going in twice a week to print. I think I just need to get a print press 'cause that would solve all my problems. lol
I've also decided that you work better when it's sunny because you feel warm and have a quick nap since your body is all "Dude it's day, get up!" and you do and your energized. But when it's cloudy you don't feel warm but your body is like "It's night. Sleep now!" and you go "Never! It's day!" and so you don't sleep and you feel tired.
I really need to lay off the chocolate me thinks...(Muses: Blasphemy!) Anyways, that's all from me and little always it has little to no point. ^^;

It's kind of nice to go into your house in the winter and having it warm enough to fog up your glasses. ^_^
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