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Woot! Snow!

It was crazy snowing just a couple of minutes ago here. And before that it was snowing but the sun was out so the snow was all sparkly!

They didn't have any banana bread at the snack shop place in south building today so I got some Doritos. ("Did you know I keep at knife in here with the Doritos?" "I fear Doritos.") other first class today was freezing so that wasn't too fun. It's warm here though. And now I'm going to go so I can get started on my essay soon and finish it today too (10-12 pages of doom!!!). It's funny. I know it's due Wednesday and yet I have no motivation to do it. I think Print Making stole all of it with the last project. ^^;

Oh yeah. I have pic of the room I'm staying in so hopefully I'll get those up the next time I post.
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