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It's Winter and it's wet?!?!

Well I had two exams this week and that leaves one next week. Unfortunately that's my art history and since we've never had a test in that class (two take-home tests and an essay) I don't know how the prof asks questions. Well I have lots of time to study though...but of course we all know I won't be studying all the time until Wednesday, now don't we? ^^; It started raining on me today when I was waiting for the bus. It's was cold. And I think slightly frozen. Or just cold. And yes I will keep writing in sentence fragments. Fragments!!! Take that english language!

In other news, this new lj format is really messing me up. O.o;;; I don't know what it all means!!! AHHHH!

Anyways, I can't believe I still have the Final Fantasy victory theme on my play list. I got it last year for my Legolas flip book movie thing and somehow it's gotten onto my play list. Weird. I have some good news though, my fridge is no longer freezing my chocolate milk. It's important. Or it could be...

Wow, apparently writing that email to Bishi took up everything I had to say and ate it from my brain. ^^; Anywho! I'm off to play Warcraft! Woot!
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