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Post X-mas Party with Friends Madness

Well I figure I should post. I can't believe it's only a day from Christmas. I really don't know where November went but I feel like it should only be the first week of December rather than the 24th. At least I got all my presents done before the last minute. I bet the malls are crazy right now.

I had a great time both the parties this week. It's good to see people again and just talk and stuff. And thanks everyone for the awesome presents! I hope everyone liked theirs too. ^^ I've already read the Pirate book I got. I really like it, it's a story with random pirate facts. And we all know random facts make the world go round. XD

I was wrapping presents for mum this morning. Cyprus was really talkative. I think she's tired today and then got excited by me wrapping. She really enjoys presents, especially when she get to rip them open. ^^

Other than that I really have no news, but since I prolly won't be on tomorrow:

Happy X-mas everyone!!!
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