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Well I've finally decided to post. Well the holidays were great with all the family over and whatnot. Since then I haven't really been doing anything of any importance. I did finally get a new cd player. The was an adventure. We ended up going to Audio 2000, The Sony Store and Future Shop. The styles they have now are very odd to me. Like the sony ones had all the buttons on the bottom of the player and they're tiny! I ended up getting a panasonic from Audio 2000. It's pretty cool. It has so many modes that I'm terribly confused though, but then again that's not too surprising for me. It has some of those lithium batteries which are rechargeable too. I think I'm still going to use my old one for school though. That way if something happens to it I won't be too upset. It's had a pretty good run as far as cd players go and still mostly functional too.

Other than that I've mainly been watching Stargate: SG1 since I got the first five seasons for X-mas. I also got a lot of movies. ^^; It's going to take me a while to get through them all, especially since I still haven't watched all the stuff I got at AN lol.

I still think it's stupid that UTM went back on the 4th (a thursday). I ended up coming here just for a one hour class. On the plus side me and mum went to the bookstore...Pickwick? I think that's what it's called. It's amazing in there! Just stacks and stacks of books! They have new ones, second hand and really old ones. Or in my categorizing: the ones you can pick up, the ones you can pick up carefully and the ones you don't touch for fear of hurting. ^^ They have pretty good prices on the new stuff anyways...though the old stuff could have been a good price too just still really expensive. XD There was a Joan of Arc book that was pretty odd that I though was cool. Then we went to Shoppers and the bookstore over there. Got Lyssy's B-day prezzie. Which I just remembered I left sitting out in my room. So Lust if you're reading this: Don't go in my room! It's in a bag but only thin white one. *shakes fist*

I d/l internet explorer 7 last night. It hurt my brain so I killed it. ^_^ I really like this one better. Anyone else tried it?

I'm hoping that I remember to leave again on time today. I have a 9-11 class then a 3-4 class so I came home to eat in between. ^_^ I also changed one of my classes on Wednesday so they are now in a block ergo not making me go back and forth. Tuesday though I have two hours of doing nothing after Pol. Sci. before going to Sheridan. I plan to bring the book I'm rereading...and lunch. I just don't know where I'm going to camp out. And now to kill time 'til class...
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