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Well for me today hasn't been going so well. From about 12-1 am my landlord is moving large heavy things around downstairs and being otherwise loud which made it hard to fall asleep and once they finally stop it takes me a little bit to fall asleep. So since I set my watch alarm to go off at 7 am I naturally wake up earlier than that. Just something I seem to do. I had some really messed up dreams in there somewhere. Anyways, I get ready and go downstairs to the kitchen to grab a piece of bread to eat to wake up my stomach and there's all this stuff in front of my cupboard where my non-fridge stuff is. So I attempt to move some stuff to make a path. Long story short: heavy bin in small space = me falling over, getting some cuts on the back of my fingers and hurting my finger nail (I must have hit it on something 'cause it hurts now). I'm pretty sure my knees will be bruised from that but that's not anything new, at least I'll know where they came from unlike usual. Not so fun. I ran back up to my room and washed my hands really quick and grabbed some bandages which I put on as speed-walked (that doesn't look right to me, is it even a word?) to the bus stop because I was late leaving by then. So I get to the bus stop and realize that I somehow forgot to brush my hair. At least it didn't look so bad since it's still all curly from my shower.

At least the woman who lives downstairs (I still don't really know who she is ^^;) came up when I got home and apologized for the stuff being everywhere. So now I'm not angry...just tired and sore.
My class was good this morning. Apparently my prof got to go into the basement of the Vatican to look for wampum belt for a court case in Nova Scotia. I think I might skip my one later since I'm tired and the outline (which is pretty much all the info.) is on the website.
So that's been my day.
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